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It was a pleasure having you present at our meeting this week. Even though the audience ranged from Sales representatives to state sales managers to national sales managers and business unit directors – you managed to engage them all through the hour session. Your presentation was well tailored to the audience and having them on their feet practicing what you said was great. The feedback post the session has been very positive and no doubt many of them will start to put into practice what they learnt. Thanks again


Looking for something special for your next event or conference?

Engage your audience and make your message shine with a customised Laughter Yoga session delivered by Australia’s premier laughter leaders.

We take care of the hardest parts of your event – startings, endings, and even the dead spot after lunch. Nothing works better at these times than a laughter session with Cris Popp.

Cris is a master of combining laughter with a highly engaging presentation to grab your audience’s attention.  Get people on their feet, interacting with each other, having fun and most of all – raving about your event.

Guaranteed to make you smile

Hiring event entertainment brings a host of questions. We’re here to put your mind at ease with our crowd-pleasing workshops. Plus, we’ve answered all the common questions about booking a Laughter Workshop.

Why have a laughter session?

  • fantastic icebreaker
  • customisable to your event
  • energises and motivates participants
  • no jokes, no scapegoats – culturally safe & non-offensive
  • all sized groups – from one to 15,000
  • no special equipment or props
  • suitable for all ages & senses of humour
  • topical, memorable and enjoyable

Have a unique question? We’ll help you find the answer.

What settings do they suit?

  • conferences, seminars and expos
  • breakfast, lunches and dinners
  • after-lunch energiser
  • first thing in the morning
  • corporate, social or personal events

What is a laughter session?

Based on the worldwide phenomenon of Laughter Clubs it’s a series of ‘laughs’ interspersed with relaxation and a few facts about laughter.

They’re also customisable – we ensure our session aligns with the key message of your event.

Your standing applause

What’s the no.1 secret to having people love your next event?

Make sure it ends well!

Psychologists call it the peak-end theory – people judge your whole event by how it ends. Research has shown the way an event ends has the biggest impact on how they view the experience. If they don’t leave on a high, they’ll blame the event (and ultimately you) – no matter how much time and effort you put into it.  Ending on a high is guaranteed to leave a positive and lasting impression. They’ll appreciate all your hard work in making the event enjoyable.

What makes people feel fantastic just before they leave?  Laughter.


During the break

During short five to ten-minute breaks throughout your conference



Fifteen to thirty-minute blocks after lunch or first thing in the morning


Centre stage

Combined in a 60 to 90-minute talk about a business issue such as leadership, stress management, wellbeing, innovation or your burning issue



Customised to the particular needs of your audience and conference.


A trusted keynote speaker

Create a meaningful experience and give your participants the best conference by combining a laughter session with one of our famous keynote presentations.

Happy hour is 9-5

A fantastic talk to close a conference – or kickstart a conversation about cultural change.

We’ll get your audience thinking with questions like – does success make you happy? Or does happiness make you successful?

How about creating a workplace, where Monday morning was something you looked forward to?

Suitable for the executives, managers, team leaders and line staff, including mixed groups.

Switch off

How to Switch off at Night and Turn on During the Day.

Learn how to perform at your peak but still get home with a smile on your dial.

With 10 strategies to help you and your team:

  • work better during the day
  • pace your energy
  • leave work at work
  • balance work and rest
  • recharge

Suits fast-paced workplaces, people experiencing insomnia or stress, or helping to avoid burnout.

G.O. S.M.I.L.E.

Building Sustainable Personal Happiness

All about creating a happy sustainable world and a happier you.

We’ll explore questions such as – what does “happy” mean? Is it a worthwhile goal? Why do happy people live longer, have more success, better relationships and good health?With practical tips, this fascinating talk shows you how to get off the treadmill and find long-term happiness.

Suits long (“dry”) conferences or a group who just needs a dose of happiness. (Who doesn’t?)

Work smarter

How to Get More Done with Less Stress

Teaching you how to make the most of your mental abilities by understanding the neuroscience of your brain.

  • Get more done
  • Make better decisions
  • Improve collaboration
  • Increase your energy
  • Lift your performance

Just by changing how you work!

Suits people who value their time and productivity, along with groups who want to invest in personal growth.

We also have talks on: “Inspiring Leadership; Change; Resilience” and a host of other topics. We’ll tailor something for your audience – just ask.

How to avoid BAD reviews of your event, and have everyone leaving very, very impressed & happy 🙂

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