Welcome to Laughter Works: Engaging Virtual Team Building Workshop to Boost Team Spirit

As we move towards a digital era, creating positive relationships and connections between remote workers has never been more important. Laughter Works offers a series of Online Team Building Activities that create bond screens.

As the world increasingly operates through virtual connections, Laughter Yoga is essential to maintain teams that are engaged and united. Online Team Building Activities by us reinvent screen interactions with dynamic and laughter-filled workshops that are beyond the confines of screens.

We aim to transform online meetings into joyful moments that strengthen team relations. Virtual communities ensure that every team member values and feels connected, regardless of whether they are physically present in the same room.

Remote Team Building Activities: Unification of Teams in the Virtual Environment

Remote Team Building Activities from Laughter Works aim to create a team that is closely knit together and positive results in productivity can be achieved even when working remotely.

Our remote team-building activities take online team meetings a step further, giving crazy-fun virtual encounters. We turn the obstacles of remote work into a platform for growth, collaboration, and shared results with your team.

Bring Your Team Closer

Build stronger remote team bonds over any distance with our virtual team building activities.

A strong team is a connected team. When you relate to each other, feel compassion for your colleagues and share happy memories together – you happily support each other.

This sense of connection boosts teams to work efficiently while improving creativity and enthusiasm. Because you care about your workmates, you’ll work together to reach your goal.

Laughter breaks down emotional barriers, helps people to connect and focuses us on the present moment. When we laugh together, we relax and a sense of trust starts to grow.

We can bring your team together over ANY distance with our remote laughter yoga team-building.

Why Laughter Works in Virtual Team Building Workshops?

Engaging and Interactive: Our virtual workshops are designed in such a way that your team is always actively engaged and entertained during the duration of the session.

Professional Facilitators: We provide virtual workshops that boast a line-up of skilled facilitators who are not only energetic but also knowledgeable and passionate about bonding teams together.

Tailored for Remote Teams: Our services are designed to cope with specific challenges and opportunities that arise when dealing with virtual team building.

Each session includes a combination of laughter exercises, games and getting-to-know-you-better activities. Our most popular and effective online laughter exercises are:

  • Lion laugh
  • Lawnmower laugh
  • Tatts winner laugh
  • Sprinkler laugh
  • Gibberish talk
  • Elvis laugh
  • Floss laugh
  • Card laugh
  • Birthday greeting laugh

Plus, we have hundreds of other laughs in our team building toolkit. Once we’ve chatted with you and learnt about your team, we’ll choose the laughter exercises based on what your staff need.

Custom Team Building

Our Virtual Team Building sessions are designed to suit every corporate team.

  • Tailor-made sessions
  • All team sizes
  • From three team members to 3000
  • Choose from 30 minutes up to two hours

How Remote Team Building Activities Boost Your Team

Improved Communication

Our activities are designed to improve communication skills so that members of the team feel more connected and involved when talking in virtual conversations.

Stress Reduction

Laughter is the best medicine against stress. Our goal is to reduce the stress of remote work and help employees achieve a better balance between work and life.

Engaging and Interactive

Our virtual workshops are crafted to keep your team actively involved and entertained throughout the entire session.

Professional Facilitators

We proudly feature experienced facilitators who bring not only energy but also expertise and a genuine passion for fostering team connections.

Tailored for Remote Teams

Understanding the dynamics of remote work, our activities are specifically tailored to address the unique challenges and opportunities that come with virtual team building.

Join us for a laughter-yoga virtual seminar

We invite you to reshape your team’s virtual time using the power of laughter. Unlike ordinary activities, our virtual team building workshops focus on providing spectacular moments that improve team unity and well-being.

We develop workshops that are interactive events that foster a positive and cooperative team mentality. Our workshops aims to convert your online office into a hub of connection, positivity and shared laughter.

Ready to pump up the spirit of your remote team? Visit Laughter Works today to inquire about our Online Team Building Activities. Let’s convert your virtual workplace into a centre of connection, positivity, and shared humour.

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I really thought being separated by screens would dampen everyone's enthusiasm. Cris did a marvellous job of creating belly laughs and connecting total strangers on screen. Not to mention creating some mid pandemic levity.

2020 Happiness Conference attendee