Aww shucks… People say the sweetest things

I enjoyed the laughter workshop today, and was literally in 'tears of joy' when lying down listening to the mix of fake and real laughter. Thanks for the laughs and fun.

GlennSenior Principal Curriculum Developer, Oracle

Some of our Management team had attended the Happiness Seminar that Cris held in Melbourne, and recommended him as an ideal speaker for our conferences. Cris facilitated a session in our Managers Meeting about Leadership, and the importance of happy staff, which was very well received. He was very engaging, and had done his homework about what we wanted to achieve in the session.
The second seminar, Cris coached and entertained a room full of 140 staff members after a week of conferencing – not an easy thing to do! He had everyone’s attention with his quick wit, and interesting facts, then to finish on a laughter session that had everyone up moving and shaking with uncontrollable laughter – the perfect way to wrap up a conference!

HeidiGeneral Manager Southern Region, Entertainment Publications

What fun! Who would have thought there was so much theory around the idea of laughter in the workplace? Who would have thought there were so many things you could do with laughter!
Thank you so much for coming along to provide the final session for our conference. It was a great way to finish. Everyone left on a high.

PeterManaging Director, Kordia

I just wanted to thank you for a great morning with the laughter therapy session held this morning. I was hesitant in coming to the session. I am so glad that I did. I had a ball and such a great laugh. My jaw was sore from so much laughing. It is now some hours later and I am still laughing. I am going around the office smiling and laughing telling everyone how good the session was and that they should go to the next session this week. Thank you so much you have made my day.

MelanieDepartment of Human Services

What a refreshing break in a full-on day of training. Cris had the group laughing and interacting with each other in a way they never had before. Just what we needed!
Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and staff are still using some of Cris' techniques and laughing their way through their working day. As one staff member commented – 'Loved that laughter dude!!'

JillLibrary Service

Laughter fills the air!
An action speak louder than words and in Cris’ case, his presentation of his ‘G.O. S.M.I.L.E.’ model at a recent Biennial Professional Development Day in Sydney, was thoroughly engaging.
Cris delivered his strong, succinct message about living an optimistic life to an auditorium of 400 School Support Staff, teachers’ aides, lab assistants, administration support staff, secretaries and bursars alike. Well-researched evidence, supporting the value of connection, was shared by Cris in his easy, engaging manner.
Feedback from participants included “Brilliant, affirming and uplifting!!”

CarolineCatholic Education Office

We arranged to have Cris Popp come and hold a “Laughter Workshop” with our Victorian Facility Managers at our monthly State Managers meeting. Whilst not really knowing too much about the laughter session and wondering how this could possibly work, we went ahead and booked Cris for a session. As first thought, there were a few people who were a little hesitant to participate in “laughter therapy” but by the end of the session, everyone was laughing without the thought of trying.
The session was informative and very funny and we all had a great time laughing in many different ways, not only with each other but also with Cris. To laugh as a group first thing in the morning is invigorating and it left a good positive attitude for the rest of the day. I would highly recommend Cris for another session and to any other workplace that needs to learn how to laugh the day away.

TracieHuman Resources, Regis

Three people have contacted me in regards to our laughter workshop. They want to run workshops for their organisations too. Also, I have had very positive feedback from the workshop you ran for us on 3rd of August. It is a credit to you to be able to put people from such diverse backgrounds and various abilities at ease in such a short time. Hope to work with you again in the future.

ElfieCoordinator, St. Albans Community Youth Club Inc

Thank you for the fabulous laughter team building day you facilitated for us. I received much positive feedback from the staff after the day and the energy in the office has increased. I have noticed more staff making an effort to communicate better and we have used some of your laughing exercises before Departmental Meetings to get the energy levels higher and bring happiness to the workplace.
The structure of the day was extremely good as it provided clear direction and gained outcomes in a flexible environment. I would be more than happy to recommend your method, techniques and facilitation to other organisations particularly for team building. The staff felt very comfortable with your style and approach which was much welcomed and appreciated.

JulieManager Urban Strategy and Culture

I really appreciate the time and effort you took to come along and take that session. I can't express how delighted I was to see some of those 'actuaries' actually letting go and enjoying themselves. It was such a great opportunity for our group to step outside their comfort zone and get to know each other at a more personal level.
Personally I loved it!! I laugh a lot and I especially love the opportunity to laugh and be silly at the same time. Thank goodness they had a sound proof room for us. I asked S. in Sydney today if he was laughing and he told me 'especially when I try to explain to someone what we did'

G FieldIAG

Thanks Cris for presenting at our CPA discussion group. As discussed we have a conservative membership and I did doubt that laughter was going to be emanating from all the attendees. Well true to your word not only during your session did you have the group laughing, I can honestly say that I have never left a meeting happier. You achieved the impossible – a room full of accountants laughing and joking around – I'd like to see that – I did thanks to you. FANTASTIC.


It was with much trepidation that we scheduled a "Stress Management" and "Laughter" workshop for our Senior Executive Career Management participants. They are in the main conservative, and present as introverted due to their background and seniority. I was fearful the topic would place them too far out of their comfort zones thus finding it 'undignified' to participate. The opposite was true!
They wholeheartedly joined in and were genuinely interested in your presentation. Needless to say, the feedback I received was excellent. Thank you for putting in your time, knowledge and above all your enthusiasm. It is very contagious – and kept everyone upbeat for the rest of the day.

BrettaSenior Executive, Career Centre Manager, Hudson

Just thought I would say on behalf of NatRoad, what a wonderful session yours was. It was great to see so many people get involved and have fun.
And to mention that you’re a hit in the NatRoad office. We now use all the laughs everyday and we can’t stop! Lol.

CateMarketing Officer, NatRoad Limited