Looking for laughter in Canberra?

Our laughter workshops are contagious, and the people in this city love it!

Canberra, the capital city of Australia, may be known for its politics and bureaucracy, but there’s another side to this city that many people don’t know about: the love for laughter. In a city where many people work in government and politics, where discussions can often be serious and somber, laughter workshops and seminars provide a much-needed break and a way to build community.

Canberra has a vibrant and thriving laughing culture that is beloved by locals and visitors alike. Whether it’s sharing a joke with a stranger on the street or having a giggle over some government policy, even if it’s serious, laughter is a universal language that brings people together and makes negotiations easier.

The city’s parks and public spaces are often filled with people laughing and enjoying each other’s company. And with so many cafes and restaurants around, it’s easy to grab a coffee or a meal with friends and share a few laughs.

One of the great things we love about Cranberrans is that they always have very serious work to do but they are not afraid to have a little bit of laughter in the state of government. After all, it helps remove friction and builds bonds.

Ultimately, the laughing culture in Canberra is a reflection of the city’s values: community, resilience, and joy. So the next time you’re in this serious city, take a moment to appreciate the power of laughter and the role it plays in bringing people together.

Here’s what some laughing participants had to say about the kind of laughter workshops we’ve held in Canberra

Laughter fills the air!

An action speak louder than words and in Cris’ case, his presentation of his ‘G.O. S.M.I.L.E.’ model at a recent Biennial Professional Development Day in Sydney, was thoroughly engaging.

Cris delivered his strong, succinct message about living an optimistic life to an auditorium of 400 School Support Staff, teachers’ aides, lab assistants, administration support staff, secretaries and bursars alike. Well-researched evidence, supporting the value of connection, was shared by Cris in his easy, engaging manner.

Feedback from participants included “Brilliant, affirming and uplifting!!


Thanks Cris for presenting at our CPA discussion group. As discussed we have a conservative membership and I did doubt that laughter was going to be emanating from all the attendees. Well true to your word not only during your session did you have the group laughing, I can honestly say that I have never left a meeting happier. You achieved the impossible - a room full of accountants laughing and joking around - I'd like to see that - I did thanks to you. FANTASTIC.


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