How Laughter Works came to be Australia's most trusted corporate laughter leaders

The Laughter Works story

Our story

Before Laughter Works was created, Cris was on the dating scene and found some research about how laughing makes us more attractive. One week later, Dr Kataria came to Australia to run Laughter Yoga sessions. Naturally, Cris decided to go along to improve his chances at romance.

What he found instead was a love for Laughter Yoga! Its power to improve our physical, mental and workplace health was too enticing. So Cris became a Laughter Yoga teacher and launched Laughter Works.

Our vision

A workplace with high psychological safety where humans can be humans and your people bring their whole selves to work. Where the sound of laughter combines with maximum productivity and warm bonds between team members.

We’re all human and make mistakes. Laughter Works imagines every workplace having a culture where laughing’s encouraged. A space where employees feel it’s okay to be themselves. Because this leads to people taking ownership of their successes and failures along with creating a better quality of life.

Our mission

To bring laughter to as many workplaces as possible.

You can enjoy yourself AND work hard. It’s okay to have a laugh. It’s okay to make mistakes. To be perfectly human – which is imperfect.

We want everyone to be able to recover quickly from obstacles and conflict. Together we’ll build a workplace based on authenticity and high performance.

To us, laughter is serious business.

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Media and conferences

A sought-after speaker and consultant, Cris has appeared in the media and presented at many conferences.

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We have a conservative membership and I did doubt that laughter was going to be emanating from all the attendees. Well true to your word not only during your session did you have the group laughing, I can honestly say that I have never left a meeting happier. You achieved the impossible – a room full of accountants laughing and joking around – I'd like to see that – I did thanks to you. FANTASTIC.