Workplace laughter may just be the best thing you can do for your employees – and your bottom line.

Recent research suggests that a laughter seminar can help you burn calories, cut healthcare costs, boost blood flow and even assist your arteries for a healthier heart and body. Not only this, laughter also helps you achieve a better mental state, and perform better all day long.

For organizations and personnel heads, investing on a good laughter workshop creates more harmony in the workplace. Other benefits include:

  • Lower stress hormone levels
  • Better immune system
  • Pain reduction
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Cardiovascular conditioning
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Better mood

Laughter therapy is not just limited to a laughter seminar or workshop. You can have your daily dose of it through a few simple steps:

  1. Learn to laugh at yourself – learn to accept your mistakes and practice laughing. Sulking on every mistake you make will not do any good. Learn to laugh at your mistakes. You can move forward faster and become more productive.
  2. Don’t take life too seriously – see the lighter side of life. Enjoy the people around you and watch something to lift your spirits up. Life is too short to spend it miserably. There are times you have to contemplate about things thoroughly but it does not mean you have to be serious all the time. People will find it easier to work with you if you can bring positive vibes into the fold.
  3. Read something funny or subscribe to an email list or newsletter – reading something uplifting or funny to start the day can have a great impact throughout your working hours.

Book a laughter session for your workplace and/or conference and see the benefits for yourself.