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Need a Laugh? The Secret of the Most Powerful Team-Builder

It’s True! Why Laughter is Good For Losing Weight

Doesn’t laughter make you feel good? Doesn’t laughter make you just want to get along with people? Especially the ones you’re laughing with? Laughter brings you into the moment and it helps you focus. All the things we want in the workplace; collaborating with others, getting along with our peers and keeping focused on what we’re doing in the present. So why do we keep it out of workplaces? Nothing builds teams and bonds like laughter. It is the best team builder.

Organizations often spend a lot of time and money on team building workshops and/or exercise. Things like treasure hunts, cook-offs, if you’re really adventurous you might go abseiling, puzzles, games, tags of war- all sorts of things. And what they want to achieve at the end of that is people coming together; having a good laugh and understanding each other as people not just as fellow “workers”. It is after all the personal bonds that build good workplace relationships. So why not cut straight to the chase and instead of having an elaborate team building workshop hold a laughter session. It’s easy, quick and everyone can participate.

Here are some reasons why laughter is the best team builder:

  1. It requires no elaborate set-up; you just have to have people turn up.
  2. It’s done standing and moving so you get some good exercises as well and it’s not a sedentary activity.
  3. There are no complicated rules to understand.
  4. It’s very time flexible you can have a laughter session in everything from 10 minutes to 2 hours.
  5. It’s very difficult to offend anybody; you don’t have to worry about being politically correct- you just do a laughter session (PS: In laughter sessions there are no jokes it is straight out laughter without the jokes so it is very safe).
  6. Everyone understands how to laugh so it involves everybody.
  7. As well as bonding laughter is good physically for you. It releases oxytocin and all sorts of feel good chemicals.
  8. Laughter helps you lose weight and loosen up.
  9. You can run laughter sessions at any location; inside an event, at a meeting, at a teambuilding session especially at a conference.
  10. And best of all laughter is a lot of fun.

So next time you want to improve performance and productivity at your workplace forget all the difficult, challenging setup team building exercises that are complicated and sometimes not that much fun and go straight to the heart of it.