Do you have a hybrid team or have you been working virtually recently?

If you’re now returning to the workplace, you might want to think about how you rebuild team bonds and culture.
No matter how much we like the freedom that comes with working remotely, we must admit that it may also be isolating at times.
To top it off, our brains are masters in finding reasons to be worried about our jobs. This is where laughter may help us overcome our (often) needless anxiety. Laughing at work does have a beneficial effect on one’s health and wellbeing.

Laughter is a sign of a good working culture. Just pay attention to how much laughing there is at your workplace. Laughter is a great indicator of positivity and well-being since it shows that someone enjoys themselves. There’s a way to put in long hours and yet have fun at work.

George WilliamsOperations Manager, Novalease
Here are ways laughing can keep your team connected and ensure that your workers are productive and happy.

Laughter forms new relationships and improves old ones

According to Victor Borge, “The shortest path between two individuals is laughter.” Laughing brings people closer together. It helps form new relationships and deepens existing ones.

Employees who are happy and have deep bonds with their coworkers are more likely to stay at work for longer, which means their knowledge and skills are maintained to help the company develop.

Hence, company executives are urged to foster widespread fun and good humour. Even managers may show that they understand how to connect with their employees by sharing a great laugh.

Laughter develops interpersonal trust among coworkers

We usually laugh with people we know and trust. They can include family members, close relatives, and long-term friends. At work, though, things may be a bit different since your coworkers may consist of people you don’t see or talk with very often.

An excellent way to break the ice with your coworkers is to introduce some laughter into the conversation. Making jokes freely and having a good laugh demonstrates to others that you can trust them and not be afraid of being misinterpreted or criticised.

Laughter encourages employees to work together

Workers who laugh together develop together. This is especially true since a team that is comfortable laughing in front of each other is often more likely to succeed. Team members may feel compelled to go above and beyond to help the group succeed. When people can think in the same way, they can meet their employer’s objectives with ease.

Laughter stimulates creativity

Many studies show, laughter in the workplace lowers animosity, helps relieve stress, allows for a better thinking process, and assists workers in communicating challenging information. It may also be an excellent stimulant for creativity that can make a job less tedious or even enjoyable. When a person’s ability to be creative develops, so does their ability to be productive.

Laughter strengthens your overall health

Laughing improves blood flow throughout the body and releases feel-good endorphins, benefiting the heart and lungs. The production of this natural substance in the body relaxes the body’s muscles while also relieving stress. This is ideal for workers who are feeling pressured. Employees who are burned out and often use sick leave may try to integrate laughter into their daily routine to help them decompress.

Make time for laughter with LaughterWorks

LaughterWorks firmly believes that laughter has the power to change a work atmosphere—it’s the most vital link between individuals or groups. “A day without laughing is a day squandered,” as Charlie Chaplin once stated.

Leaders can apply this philosophy to the working culture. After all, leaders who have a good laugh with their workers reduce social distance and increase their impact, which helps increase employee engagement and satisfaction.